Pop Bottle Studio | Falling for Bitcoin?
Licensed merchandise creative brand for manufacturers, publishers and consumer lines. Our LOVE-XO line is a sure winner with its blend of bold, graphics, logos, and well structured graphic design. This line looks fantastic in clothing, linens, accessories and decor.
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Falling for Bitcoin?

Watch out for your digital future!

Falling for Bitcoin?

Web vector illustration




I like to work in both hand styles and vector. Usually the client has a preference, but sometimes the content feels like it needs one style over the other. Sometime that decision gets made after the concept is complete and concepts have begun.


This one was up to me and vector seemed like the right call. A simple web spot, this illustration supported the concept of the risk climate surrounding digital currencies.

Retro feel and light colors make this a very pleasant and approachable image. Would be great for animation as well.



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