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Disney Warner Bros. Universal

Pop Bottle Studio designers, illustrators and licensing professionals, partner with makers, publishers and brands to develop product lines that engage. We can help you in two ways:


First we offer our own unique creative properties for producers and publishers. Need a brand to liven up your product line? We’re your partner.


Secondly, we work with brands to develop new and existing IP, create merchandising programs, style strategy and related creative. Need to rework your brand line? Let’s talk!


Why wait? Let’s start the conversation and the ideas right now. We’re ready at 949.422.3755.

Custom brand lines

We develop inspiring product lines with custom IP. Perfect for publishers, makers, and brands.

Design for licensing

Let us use our creativity and experience to help you craft and develop your brand lines. Character, design, brand logos, style guides and more. We're a perfect partner for growing ventures.


We have a long history in illustration for publishing, marketing, and digital. Several styles including vector and hand-drawn.

Animation & Digital

Add excitement with motion! Animated gifs, broadcast and web, hand-drawn and vector animation, as well as UI and UX design for taking your brand online.



Awesome Dog!

DogCatRat Series

Disney Merchandise Design

Zen Animals


Bad Raddish™


karate kat

Karate Kat

iPhone Stickers

Tommy Hundred Watt

Tommy Hundred Watt



We’re serious about fun.

When we see people wearing merchandise we developed, reading books we worked on or enjoying some fun brand we worked with, it makes all the long hours worthwhile. We’d like to talk with you about something new, so reach out today.


Stephen Hornyak

Creative Director

Jacqueline Hornyak

Business Development

Julie McCann

Sr. Designer

Designed for delight. Built for sales.

At Pop Bottle Studio, we really enjoy creating. But we know that the end goal is building customers and sales. That’s why we offer fresh brand lines that enhance product lines and delight customers. We partner with manufacturers, publishers, and buyers to create unique products that people love. Take a look at some of our latest work and let’s take the first step to growing success together.

Licensing design.

Not only do we offer custom brand lines, but we are also a design agency helping other IP owners and licensed brand developers. We can bring fresh ideas to character and product creative, as well as the foundational design and styling. We have expertise in graphic design, logo work, typography, textiles, style programs, web and animation.

Illustration & design

Looking for humorous and web illustration and animation? View our dedicated portfolio of illustration work. Hand-drawn and vector styles for editorial, children’s books, packaging, web use and more. We offer professional design and illustration as well

Don’t hesitate to contact us for questions and collaborations.

Give us a call at 949.445.0838 or fill out the form and we will respond right away.